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Matt Mazur

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Matt recently finished his Masters and is now a first-year medical students at the University of Toledo College of Medicine. He is involved with the Community Care Clinic, which is run by medical students in coordination with physicians. The Community Care Clinic regularly offers respiratory therapy, physical therapy, and phlebotomy services, as well as a Women's Clinic and HIV Clinic every other week. Of the 40 patients the clinic sees each week, each has the option to speak with CareNet, an organization which helps people enroll in Medicaid.  

More information about the clinics run by the University of Toledo can be found here.  Click the icons to view the Community Care Clinic's social media pages!                                                                                       Facebook         Twitter        Instagram

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Dr. James Gingerich from the Maple City Health Care Center, a community based health care clinic, will be presenting in Andrews Auditorium (Geddes Hall), Monday 2/13 from 5-6 pm. We hope to see you there!  

Interviews for the Shepherd Internship program will be held during the first two weeks of February. 

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