Birthright Citizenship Debates Beyond Black & White


Location: McKenna Hall 210-214

4:30 pm:  Refreshments

5:00 pm:  Lecture

Professor Natalia Molina, University of California San Diego, will deliver the 3rd of 4 lectures in a series titled RACE:  Critical Reflections on Culture, Power, and Change in the United States. 

This talk sheds light on the history of debates over birthright citizenship. Historically, matters of birthright citizenship have been discussed in conjunction with African Americans (such as with the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment) and, to a lesser extent, the Chinese (with the 1898 Wong Kim Ark Supreme Court decision). This talk demonstrates why Mexican immigrants became the targets of campaigns to deny them birthright citizenship in the 1930s.

This speaker series is sponsored by the Institute for Latino Studies and co-sponsored by the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts’ Henkels Lecture Fund, Multicultural Student Programs and Services, and the Department of American Studies.