Special Tracks within Poverty Studies

Some students will use the flexibility of this minor to stretch their knowledge and ways of knowing into many areas of interest. Others want to focus on particular issues. In partnership with campus and community experts, we can guide students through special areas of focus in the following tracks:

  • Labor 
  • Program Assessment
  • Public Policy
  • Social Service
  • Racial Justice
  • Environmental Justice
  • Restorative Justice

That guidance includes:

  1. Identifying electives and experiential learning courses that align with these tracks on this PSIM Tracks Inventory.
  2. Meeting with students one-on-one to advise on their elective selection, experiential learning selection, Capstone focus, extracurricular activities, and postgraduate opportunities.
  3. Connecting students with relevant internships that will fulfill the experiential learning requirement.
  4. Connecting students with faculty who can advise Special Studies Capstones in their area of interest.

Contact Dr. Connie Snyder Mick (cmick@nd.edu) to discuss how you can focus your Poverty Studies experience in these tracks.