Current Students

Poverty Studies students hail from every college and school at Notre Dame and major in a variety of different disciplines. Few universities or colleges offer a Poverty Studies minor, but this is one of the larger minors at Notre Dame, graduating about 35 students each year.

Each Poverty Studies student has a unique story about the experiences that brought them to this minor and what motivates them to become someone who addresses poverty in whatever they decide to do in their professional and personal life. Here are some of their stories.

I am a Poverty Studies Minor because...

"I wanted to understand why inequality is so normal in our country, and what we can do about it." - Alison Blanchard

"The classes are the most real ones I have had the chance to take at Notre Dame. I want to be able to make a difference in the world and these classes let me learn more to be able to do so."  - Alaina Perila

"I chose to minor in Poverty Studies because I feel as though I cannot become a physician who heals patients without also healing the system that should be designed to serve them." - Aidan Crowley

"I want to learn and engage with this real issue facing not only our country but the world. I want to deepen my education on the issue as I hope to one day serve this population in medicine." - Megan Sullivan

"I seek to gain awareness and take action against the pervasive inequities in modern society." - Elizabeth Heindenreich 

"I believe it is important to use our academic studies at Notre Dame for good, and I believe that poverty is one of the largest issues facing our nation and world today."