Poverty Studies Electives

The Poverty Studies Approach

As an interdisciplinary minor, Poverty Studies identifies courses across the University with a strong emphasis on poverty.  Faculty from all disciplines are invited to design courses for the minor and register them with the administration.  Students are invited to design their own emphasis from the diverse list of offerings.

Poverty Studies Interdisciplinary Minor students take four types of courses:

  1. "Introduction to Poverty Studies" (3 credits)

  2. Electives (6 credits)

  3. Experiential Courses (3 or 4 credits)

  4. Capstone Course or Special Studies Capstone (3 credits) 

"Introduction to Poverty Studies" is typically only offered in the Spring (use the Class Search Subject filter called "Poverty Studies" to locate this course).  The Capstone is typically only offered in the Fall (use the Class Search Subject filter called "Poverty Studies" to located this course).  Experiential courses are listed with the requirements and full descriptions can be found at the Center for Social Concerns (click here and select the desired semester for course descriptions).  Electives can be found through Class Search by first selecting all subjects, then selecting the attribute called "PSIM--Poverty Studies Elect."  See the requirements page for more details.

To review a list of courses in previous semesters, use the Class Search attribute "PSIM--Poverty Studies Elect."