PS 43000 Capstone Seminar

PS 43000 is a seminar course with a maximum of 18 students. It is offered every semester to students who are officially enrolled in the minor and have taken the gateway course. Juniors and seniors may enroll in PS 43000 after they have completed PS 23000 in either the Fall or Spring semester. Students who are interested in completing this course with a community engagement aspect are recommended to take it in the spring semester. 

This course facilitates the Capstone experience for students enrolled in the Poverty Studies Interdisciplinary Minor.  As such, its goal is to provide you with the opportunity to deepen your disciplinary and professional knowledge of poverty; synthesize your broad knowledge of the causes, consequences, and solutions to poverty; and to prepare yourself to become an informed professional and person who actively engage issues of poverty throughout their lives.  This course then is our opportunity to reflect on all that you have learned about poverty and to sharpen the knowledge, skills, and disposition that animate the effective work against poverty.