PSIM Electives

As an interdisciplinary minor, Poverty Studies offers electives throughout the University. Students are encouraged to stretch themselves into new fields so they can better understand diverse methods of understanding and addressing poverty in local, national, and international communities. Poverty Studies electives are distinguished by integrating a disciplinary topic with about 50% of the course focus on poverty in various ways, such as methods of measuring poverty, analysis of causes and consequences of poverty, expressions of people experiencing poverty, and research on public policies or other interventions to reduce poverty.

Poverty Studies electives can be identified by their PSIM attribute when searching on ClassSearch (see below for more details). Electives can be taken before the introductory course and can be grouped according to geographical (e.g. domestic, international, or global poverty) and topical (e.g. health and medicine, gender, urban planning) interests.

For your convenience you may identify electives and experiential learning courses that align with these tracks in this please review the PSIM Tracks Inventory.


Identifying poverty studies electives

  1. Navigate to ClassSearch in InsideND.

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  2. Choose a subject (control + shift to choose multiple), and select PSIM under "Attribute"

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