PS 35001/PS 35002 Experiential Learning

Students must complete options A, B, or C for three to four credit hours. Please note that all experiential learning options are graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. 


Option A. Three one-credit seminars offered by the Center for Social Concerns plus PS35001 (4 credits)

PSIM students choosing option A must bundle one Urban Plunge: Church and Social Action seminar, one Appalachia seminar, one CSC-based poverty-focused seminar, and PS 35001 for a total of 4 credits. Poverty-focused seminars carry a PSCE attribute and are typically listed on the Center for Social Concerns website. PS 35001 is not a traditional course, but instead requires a 5 - 7 page reflection which can only be completed after all three seminars have concluded. Please refer any questions regarding option A to Dr. Connie Mick.

Option B. Three credits of internships (3 credits)

Students choosing option B must complete 3 credits total through either PS 35002, PS 34002, SOC 45000, or a pre-approved internship in another department. Internships can not be situated in experience alone, and must be pursued in an academic context. This option is frequently accomplished through South Bend based organizations. Please note that CSC vehicles can be used for travel to and from internship locations. 

Internships can be completed for one, two, or three credits consisting of 30 - 50, 50 - 70, or 70 - 100 hours of work throughout the semester respectively. Students completing an internship during the summer (including Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty internships) may enroll in a PS 35002 in any semester following the internship. Students will determine credit value with their internship advisor and Connie Mick. See below for application and enrollment information for the PS 35002 course.


Enrollment Procedures

Approval is required for all internships. Students cannot enroll in PS 35002 or 34002 without departmental approval and should plan to Connie Mick at least one month prior to registration. Because this is a variable credit hour course, students are responsible for choosing the appropriate amount of credits upon enrollment. 

To apply for the PS 35002 course, please fill out this form. Proposals for credit must be submitted to Dr. Connie Snyder Mick ( at least one month prior to registering for this experience using this form to construct a compelling and robust proposal. Consider typing your responses elsewhere, then copying info into this form to save your work (note that formatting won't transfer). Here is a PDF of the questions asked in this form:

Option C. Community-based course or project (3 credits)

Students choosing option C must complete either a community-based course in South Bend carrying a PSCE attribute or a CSC-based summer internship, including the SSLPISSLP, and Shepherd Internship programs. Approval for summer internships to fulfill this option must be sought prior to departure for the internship.