PS 35001 Course Description

Experiential Learning

PS 35001 is a 1-credit course required of students electing to fulfill the experiential learning requirement through the Social Concerns Seminars (Option A).  Because the seminars provide three distinct experiences, PS 35001 is designed to enable students to synthesize those experiences and tie them back to the knowledge base of poverty studies.

Ideally, students enroll in this course during the same semester they are completing their final seminar for Option A, allowing room in their schedule to analyze their experiences and complete the work for PS 35001. A second option is to enroll in PS 35001 the semester after completing the final seminar--any later than that and students will be too far removed from their experiences to provide sharp analysis.

The typical approach to completing this credit is to write a 5-7 page researched analysis in which the seminar experiences are examples for an argument about poverty.  The objective is to write a coherent and integrated analysis, not to stitch disparate reflections together. 

Students may propose other ways of fulfilling this requirement, such as presenting their analysis at the Undergraduate Research Conference in May, but integration of experience and serious analytical reflection must be demonstrated to satisfy this credit. 

  • Students must meet with Professor Mick at least once to review a substantial draft of the project. 
  • Papers or projects must be submitted no later than the last class day of the semester
Enrollment Procedures

Department approval is required for enrollment. To obtain approval, contact Professor Connie Mick at prior to registration with a 200-250 word proposal of your paper or project.  Include a schedule of writing or research deadlines, such as the required conference with Professor Mick.  Registration access will be given after this proposal is accepted.