PS 35002 Course Description

Experiential Learning:  Internship

Students electing to fulfill the experiential learning requirement through internships in the community (Option B) may do so by enrolling in PS 35002.  Students choosing the internship option must complete 3 credits total, but may do so in one, two, or three separate internships with corresponding credit, enrolling in PS 35002 each semester they are participating in an internship, or in the Fall semester if the internship takes place over the summer.

Students should meet with Dr. Mick prior to enrolling in PS 35002 (see "Enrollment Procedures" below); prior approval is necessary.

Once an internship has been identified, please submit an offer letter to PSIM from the site supervisor.  The letter should outline the duties and the approximate dates and times of the internship. 

Students will determine credit value with their internship advisor and a Poverty Studies director. Amount of time required by number of credit hours:

  • 3 credits:  8 to 10 hours per week for 10 weeks* or 80-100 hours total
  • 2 credits:  5 to 7 hours per week for 10 weeks* or 50-70 hours total
  • 1 credit:    3 to 5 hours per week for 10 weeks*  or 30-50 hours total

*Students may arrange to complete their total number of internship hours in more or less than 10 weeks during a semester.

The number of internship hours per week includes both time spent working at the internship site and time preparing or meeting with supervisors and/or intern advisors.

Students are asked to keep a daily journal of internship activities.  The journal will be due on the last class day of the semester but can be turned in earlier.

Enrollment Procedures

Department approval is required for enrollment. To obtain approval, contact Professor Connie Mick,,  prior to registration with a 200-250 word statement outlining the goals and objectives of your internship.  List at least 3 specific goals/objectives you wish to meet with this internship and what you hope to gain from the experience. Registration access will be given after this statement is accepted.